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Miscellaneous Tips About Making Homemade Bread 

Homemade loaf bread won't last as long a store bought loaf of bread so when it dries out use a few of the leftover slices to make breadcrumbs, croutons or French toast.
If you have one of the newer refrigerators with a humidity-controlled drawer then keep your bread there with the setting on "high" humidity.  Even though putting your bread in the refrigerator will keep it from getting moldy it still seems to dry out.  Placing bread in the humidity controlled drawer will help keep it longer without it drying out.

Another tip for keeping your bread from drying out quickly is to use honey instead of sugar. This will require you to adjust your recipe somewhat for the other liquids in your recipe.

Here is a good idea for bread making; homemade bread bowls.  Serve your yummy warm soup in a bread bowl.  Bread bowls freeze well also so make a batch and then you will have one ready when you need a nice warm bowl of soup.  If you need a recipe check this one out.

If you are new to homemade bread making then you might need to know what kneading means.  It is just when you keep folding the dough over onto itself and then use your palms to press it down.  You will want to continue this process for about 6 to 8 minutes. 

When you make your own bread you know exactly what the ingredients are.  Go read the ingredient list on a loaf of store bought bread and you will see why knowing what's in your bread is so important.

You can take the hard work out of making homemade bread by using a bread machine.

When selecting a bread machine you might want to look at the shape of the bread pan that comes with the automatic bread maker.  Some have tall bread pans that give you an unusual looking loaf.  Most of the newer bread makers have an oblong pan that will give you a loaf that looks more like a commercial loaf of bread.

If you want to use your bread machine to make the dough for you and then take it out and bake it in a traditional oven, then you need to make sure the one you purchase has a "dough" cycle as well as the standard cycles for white,  wheat and sweet breads.
Check to make sure there are settings for crust control.  These setting let you have a light or dark crust on your bread loaves.

Some additional selections which may be important to you are the "delayed start setting" and the feature that protects your bread if there is a power failure during the bread making process.  Some bread machines allow you to put the ingredients in the machine and then set it so you will have fresh hot bread as long as 13 hours later. 

I have not done this but some people have reported that they have made jam with their bread machine.

I have found that the Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Bread Maker is pretty feature rich. You might want to start with it.

If you want your bread machine to have an automatic dispenser for dried fruit/nuts then get the Panasonic SD-RD250. A little more expensive but does have this added feature.


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